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The theme for Sutter Creek Gallery is that "art should be for everyone." The goal has always been to encourage artists within the community to produce art that is representative of the local area and to provide an exciting place for artists to meet the public.

Each co-op artist works in the gallery two days each month to meet the public and share his or her unique vision. New art is brought in regularly to display, keeping the gallery fresh and interesting year-round. And new artists are occasionally invited to join, adding to the ever-changing creative excitement.

Each artist is encouraged to stretch themselves to new dimensions.

Sutter Creek Gallery has a 30-year history of being an art gallery. It was purchased in 2011 by three co-owners — Laura Carpender, Duane LaMoureaux, and Janet Piccola. They turned it into a co-op, revamped the displays, and enhanced the community offerings to Sutter Creek visitors and residents alike. The current owners are now Judy Day, Julie Muela-Farris, and Sandra Campbell.

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