Scott Anderson

scott anderson

The outdoor experience for me has always been one of adventure, awe, and a sense of divine peace. Painting helps me to understand and admire the beauty all around us. The endless sounds of water rushing, birds singing, critters moving in the brush, and breathing the crisp air helps me to see and feel what I want to put down on canvas. I suppose I want others to observe and take in what I have found in nature to be exciting and inspiring, a place in time where my soul has been re-energized.

Immersed in the changing colors, shapes, light and textures — I'm intrigued and fascinated with finding ways to express this force of nature in all its wonderful glory. I try to portray subtle and obvious points of focus in all their various aspects.

I graduated from Art Center College of Design with Honors in Illustration. I began as a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles, continuing as an animator for DreamWorks, then worked for seventeen years as an animator for Walt Disney Pictures on full length features such as "The Little Mermaid", "Aladdin", "Beauty and the Beast", "Lion King", "Tarzan", and "Mulan".

Here are a few samples of Scott's work

scott1       scott3

scott2       scott4

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