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Co-op Artists ~ December 2017

  "Joyful Celebration"


For December, Sutter Creek Gallery is mounting a two-pronged membership show: "Joyful Celebration" will feature holiday and winter scenes as well as affordable art gifts under $50, with many well under that price.

The holidays are not that far away. So instead of the usual sweater for Dad or blender for Mom or box of candy for Aunt June, why not choose something unique at a reasonable price?

Since this is a group show, items from all of the gallery members will be highlighted:

Many of the artists offer prints and cards as well as small original artwork. Sutter Creek Gallery is the place to shop for the holidays and beyond.

You are invited to the reception opening this show on Dec. 2, 2017, starting at 2 p.m. Come in and meet many of the artists who will be on hand.

Here are a few examples of the artists's work

dashing     minis    

pots     first    

dolphins     autumn    

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