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February Featured Artist ~ Helen wilkinson

helen wilkinson

Her medium is glass and Helen Wilkinson turns this colorful and adaptable substance into art. Helen, who has worked with glass for 37 years, will be the featured artist in February at Sutter Creek Gallery.

The artist began with stained glass, getting "my inspiration from Nature and envisioning what people might like." Today she teaches the craft in addition to designing sun catchers and window panels. One of her specialties is designing cars and trucks as either wall art or sun catchers made in the likeness of various vehicles. These and other stained glass pieces can be custom designed to fit specific windows in a home or office.

Many of Helen's functional pieces are fashioned from fused glass, a technique that involves heating thin layers of glass until they fuse together. Additional heating can result in slumping which changes the shape of the glass into bowls, plates and other forms. She also offers an extensive line of jewelry, including fused glass pendants, earrings and pins. Bracelets, wine stoppers and pens are decorated with her own lamp-work beads, made from glass rods heated with a torch.

Come meet this versatile artist at the reception opening her show on Saturday, February 4, from 2 to 5 p.m., as part of the region's Art Trek. Besides the items mentioned above, Helen has many more unique creations on display.

Here are a few examples of Helen's work

glass car     lazy susan    

necklace     glass bowl    


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