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Vickie Chew ~ July 2017

vickie chew

"Painting for me is a joy, challenge and mental escape all in one," according to artist Vickie Chew, Sutter Creek Gallery's featured artist in July. Twenty years ago, needing a break from work, she took a watercolor class, followed by college art classes and workshops. Vickie eventually settled on oils as her medium, and her art is inspired by the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada, Gold Country and coastal shores.

Vickie is mostly self-taught from lots of reading, workshops from artists she admired, and "miles on the brush." She explains that artists fall in love with a scene for a variety of reasons.

"The scene usually has some type of emotional connection that originally attracts the artist, maybe time spent there as a child, a first kiss, family outings or just the beauty of the area."

Working plein air or in her studio, using brush or palette knife, she challenges herself "to capture the essence of what is before me, whether it be a barn, trees, lakes or ocean. It is all about recreating the image and capturing the light, character and personality of the scene; nothing else exists, as I lose myself to the painting zone, a state of total captivation!"

Sutter Creek Gallery invites you to meet Vickie Chew at the Saturday, July 1 reception, in her honor beginning at 2 p.m. Come join us at the gallery to meet Vickie and enjoy her artwork. Light refreshments will be served.

Here are a few examples of Vickie's work

family     ocean light    

morning oak    


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