Mary Sue Palmquist

scott anderson

Art and creativity have always played a big part in my life and was encouraged by my family. I majored in Art in college with concentrations in watercolor, printmaking and graphics (pre-computer age) but it wasn't until just recently, in 2016, that I was able to dedicate myself more fully to Art.

For 20 years, I worked in the performing arts sector as manager of a historic movie theatre (Midway Theatre in Rockford Illinois), and then as business manager for the Mendelssohn Performing Arts. During this time, I kept my creativity alive by studying calligraphy and Chinese Brush painting. I even went back to college on weekends for Art Therapy training and then worked for three years as an after-school art teacher.

The medium of watercolor with its translucency and immediacy still gives me a feeling of mystery in the making. I'm inspired by the light and color I see all around me and lately I've been inspired by oceans and sea life, especially jellyfish, and my intent is to impart that sense of wonder and joy through my paintings.

Here are a few samples of Mary Sue's work

dancing alone       lagoon jellies

chambered nautilus       sea nettles

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