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The newest member of the gallery co-operative is fiber artist Sandra Wagner, who designs and fabricates art quilts in various sizes. You can find a selection of these on her gallery page but you really should come in to see them. In addition, gallery artists are constantly busy creating new work. Below are some of the most recent items:

June 5, 2017

born again
Ruthie Sexton combines acrylics and paper to make her collages.

born again
Leanne Kelly fashions unique items from gourds, pine needles, and stones.

taking flight
Potter Marcus Tikotsky has just added a number of new bowls to his display.

lidded vessel

lidded vessel
Cynthia Dunn-Selph, who works in encaustics, has two new pieces in the gallery.

bonsai moonrise

bonsai moonrise

bonsai moonrise
Sandra Campbell added three pastels as part of her Skyscape Series.

New works in this week! Stop in at the gallery to see what Leanne Kelly, Marcus Tikotsky, and Michael Maloney have created.

May 25, 2017

prayer fan
Leanne Kelly creates using gourds, pine needles and beads.
The Prayer Fan Necklace is one of her latest pieces.
(embellished gourd)

born again
"Born Again" ~ Ceramicist Marcus Tikotsky produces both artistic and functional pieces, such as bowls, pitchers and casseroles. His latest efforts feature his signature horns made of clay.

taking flight
"Taking Flight" by Marcus Tikotsky

lidded vessel
"Lidded Vessel with Horn" by Marcus Tikotsky

bonsai moonrise
"Bonsai Moonrise" ~ "I've always wanted to photograph the moon behind this beautiful bonsai-like Jeffrey pine along Caples Lake in the high Sierra. Most times, the angle of the rising moon wasn't just right. Tonight (May 9), however, it all magically came together. Had to risk walking on the iced-over lake to get the right angle, but fortunately the ice was thick and my camera and I stayed dry!"

Springtime works of art at the gallery

March 15, 2017

"Faith, Hope, Courage" by Laura Carpender
(embellished gourd)

"Bluebird in Vines" by George Lambert (acrylic)

"Silver Falls" by Judy Day (watercolor)

"Spinakers No. 2" by Sandra Campbell
(mixed media collage)

"Untitled" by Helen Wilkonson (stained glass)

"Untitled" by Curtis Stromme (acrylic)

"Sunflower Burst Grande" by Vicki Chew (oil)

"Necklace" by Leanne Kelly
(beads mounted on gourd)

Collage techniques in action by Anje Olmstead

March 1, 2017


Sutter Creek Gallery artist Anje Olmstead will be demonstrating her collage techniques at the March 8 meeting of the Amador County Artist Association. Anje was inspired by cruise line ads on TV in which hundreds of unpurchased cruise photos were collaged to create a picture of a cruise ship—all done by values.

While she studied art at American River College for several years, mostly with Gary Pruener, she is a self-taught collage artist. She generally uses canvasses for her work. "I have done collages on 300 lb. watercolor paper and canvas board as well as the wood backing of a mirror frame. Really, almost anything works if it is relatively firm and has been gessoed."

Anje states that a collage artist needs a good understanding of values and color intensities, reference materials for the design, file folders with paper in a variety of colors, mediums for pasting and finishing, good scissors and "brushes that you will beat to death." She starts by painting the canvas with acrylics to get in basic shapes and values and then applies her paper pieces. "The good thing about collage is you can go over it several times with no obvious problem. If I dislike an entire piece, I often cover it with white water-based paint and start fresh."

The Artist Association meets the second Wednesdays at the Jackson Senior Center, 229 New York Ranch Road, at 7 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

Art Opportunities Around the Region

February 13, 2017

VISIT . . . Ironstone Vineyards "Spring Obsession" exhibition in Murphys from March 4 through May 8. Gallery artists Judy Day, Judy Regnier, Vickie Chew and Sandra Campbell have artwork juried into the show.

See www.ironstonevineyard.com for information.

planting time
"Planting Time" by Sandra Campbell

daffodil twilight
"Daffodil Twilight" by Judy Regnier

after the burn
"After the Burn" by Vicki Chew


ENTER . . . " for the Arts," open to California artists. This nonjuried show is looking for California artists to create a 10"x10" piece of art in any medium that will sell for $50. 50 per cent of any sales will go to the artist; the other 50 per cent will go to fund Amador County Arts Council community arts programs. The Sutter Creek show will run from June 4 to June 26, 2017. Deadline to enter up to 3 pieces is May 15, 2017. Contact: Cynthia Dunn-Selph, dunnselphc@yahoo.com or 623-703-3806.


ENTER . . . "Flight" exhibition with artwork depicting planes, kites, birds, angels, bees, etc. Sponsored by Calaveras Arts, opening April 22 at Calaveras County airport during Airfaire 2017; thereafter, at the gallery through May 30. April 17-19 accepting artwork at the gallery. Members are free; nonmembers $20 for up to 3 pieces, any medium. Call or email Sarah Switek at 209-286-1283 or email sarahswitek@yahoo.com.


LEARN . . . to draw with Judy Day February 15 and 22 in Ione. Sign up at amadorarts@gmail.com or call 209-267-9038. $5 registration fee.

LEARN . . . watercolor painting with Julie Trail in Pine Grove every Tuesday at 2:30. Sign up at amadorarts@gmail.com. Or call 209-267-9038. $5 registration fee.


LEARN . . . to paint, collage, dance and much more at "A Taste of the Arts" on March 25 in Sutter Creek. Register by March 6. Choose three classes from a menu of 19. Contact www.amadorarts.org for more information and to register. $40 adults; $20 junior and high school students. Supplies included except for feather classes. Gallery artists Wendy Ward, Cynthia Dunn-Selph and Judy Day will be among the instructors.

bishop creek
"Bishop Creek" by Judy Day


New work in the store

February 1, 2017 ~~ Gallery members are constantly bringing in new work to refresh their displays. Dedicated artists can't seem to stop producing art. And, of course, artworks regularly sell, creating holes to fill. These are some of the new items gracing our store:

Leanne Kelly enhances gourds and makes pine needle baskets. She recently added a gourd lamp and some tiny gourd pots.

          kelly gourds

          anje olmstead

Anje Olmstead usually works large in fashioning her collages, and this one is no exception

Ruthie Sexton is another artist working with small formats. Her pieces are a combination of acrylics and collage.

          ruthie 1

          ruthie 2

          ruthie 3



Cynthia Dunn-Selph is our encaustic artist, embedding all sorts of materials in beeswax.

Sandra Campbell just delivered new 6 x 6 minatures. Some are crylics and others are collages.





Laura Carpender is displaying new knitted and woven scarves.

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