Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams

Since early childhood I have loved animals. I grew up on a ranch for a time and had the opportunity to learn about both wild and domestic animals. I have made these animals and the wild ones I have studied, the subject of my paintings and sculptures. My sister and I share the love of painting, and are both still doing work that we love.

Animals are also the subject of my numerous drawings and each year I go to the county fair and do life drawings as I sit in the animal areas. I also sculpt with clays and papier mache and my paintings are made with acrylics in bold colors.

The artists that inspire and influence my work are the great colorists Gauguin, Van Gogh, the Fauves and the German expressionists.

In college I studied art history and took plenty of art studio courses, attending Sonoma and Humboldt State Universities and for a time the San Francisco Art Institute.

Currently my work is on display at the Sutter Creek Gallery. I have shown in Sonoma, Humboldt, and Calaveras counties and each year donate a piece of my art to the Sacramento PBS (KVIE) Art Auction. I have received special recognition for some of my pieces that were shown in the auction.

I continue to be sustained and satisfied by my artwork and hope to have many creative years ahead.

Here are a few samples of Laurie's work

horses       deer

bears       2cats

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